PSD to WordPress Theme

So, you think your design skills are better than ours do you? Well, whatever the reason, we will be happy to convert your Photoshop file into a fully functional WordPress theme ready to be uploaded and activated on your blog or web-based site receptacle.

But what will I get from you so-called superheroes, I hear you say. This:

  • We are lightning quick, professional and reliable
  • We write all the code from scratch – no shoddy knock-offs here
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS as if you needed to ask
  • SEO-optimised code to help you in the search engines (that’s what the ‘SE’ in ‘SEO’ means, you know?!)
  • Need widgets? Just tell us where and we will create widgetized regions in the template
  • We build it but you own it so you can do whatever you want with it. Sell it if you like, we honestly don’t mind.

Cost: The costs are entirely dependent on how complicated the design

We are always happy to provide an exact quote so if you’d like one please send us the details and the PSD file using this form or get in touch to discuss it further.

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