wordpress-logoWordPress, you say? What in the name of henchman’s undergarments is WordPress?

Good question.

For want of a better description, WordPress is a content management system which makes controlling the content of any website an absolute doddle. I say for want of a better description because really, to call it a content management system is doing it a disservice.  WordPress is an intuitive, powerful and enormously extendable platform which can be used to manage virtually any website you could envisage. It is almost as useful as a freeze-ray. Almost.

WordPress is free and open source, and this has fostered a enormous community around it and this community has created the sort of new and innovative features for websites that discerning customers like yourself crave.

We liked WordPress so much that we even built our own website using it and you can’t say fairer than that.

What else can you do with WordPress?

Another good question, my keen-minded friend.  The answer is : whatever you want us to.  We’ve already used it to build websites that have image galleries, ecommerce, online booking calendars, brochure websites, job boards and even blogs.  And the reason WordPress turned out to be such a great platform was its simplicity.  Simple for us to develop for and simple for our clients to update.

And you can’t say fairer than that.

But surely it can’t be as good as all that? What’s the catch?

The catch, my friend? There is no catch. From feedback we have received from our customers in the past we know that they just want to have a system that is as simple and user-friendly as is humanly possible. WordPress goes the extra mile and makes it superhumanly possible. Don’t believe us? We would be happy to give you a guided tour of the whole shebang.

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