Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research? But I already know the search terms I want to rank for…

Of course you do. And there’s every chance that they are the very ones we’ll target. But… well… it all depends doesn’t it? And that’s where keyword research comes in.

SEO is not all about one keyword or phrase

That’s right, you can see a broad overview of our approach to Search Engine Optimisation here. But as our keyword research sidekick we aren’t going to let you put all of your eggs in one basket. So we’ll do our homework. We’ll look at what search terms people are actually searching for before targeting them.

Keyword research is one of the activities which can give the highest returns in SEO. Without needing to resort to keyword dampeners or other superhero equipment we use the old fashioned ‘detective ‘ method to discern keyword demand and this gives us unpresendented insight into not only which terms to target but also about your customers as a whole. No X-Ray specs required.

But all we want to do is grind the competition into a fine paste!

And so you shall (did we mention that developmental search engine optimisation is also a fine method of achieving the aforementioned competition-stomping?). And by looking at what your nemesis is doing to dominate the search engines we can use our patented extrapolation technology to determine what makes their sites better than yours.

And the best part?

We will use their evil powers against them and get you right up there where you belong. Find out how we can help your search engine optimisation and get in touch right away!