Google AdWords

AdWords? Eh?

That’s right Google Adwords.  They’re the links down the right hand side of search engines when you search for anything (and there’s often a couple just above the results too).  Sometimes called Sponsored Listings or Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click? Eh?

Yup. You pay Google each time someone clicks on your advert. Except there’s a bit more to it than that. You bid for the position and if you outbid other advertisers then you get higher up the ad-ladder.

Okay, I Get Google AdWords But What’s The Point?

Well the point of Google AdWords for most websites is pretty straightforward actually.  You can use it to promote something a guarantee search engine positioning, say you have only recently search engine optimised your website but it hasn’t yet started ranking for your chosen keywords yet or perhaps you just need to bring traffic to a particular part of your site fast. Pay per click allows you to get your products or services up there in hours.

Why Get Superhighwaymen To Do It?

Good question. Glad you asked. Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should. We have tons of experience at this sort of thing – the keyword research, managing and maximising budgets, the whole shebang.

And besides if we didn’t do it when would you find the time? Seriously – we’ve seen your schedule and it’s jam-packed as it is… your best bet is to get in touch immediately. Or even sooner.