Trunk Reclaimed

Trunk Reclaimed had been hand making bespoke wooden furniture and (also hand made, also wooden) kitchens from reclaimed wood for donkeys years.

They’ve worked with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall to produce the restaurant furniture for the River Cottage HQ as well as a bunch of other famous and not-so-famous folks. But that’s just not enough for some people – Trunk craved more.

Dissatisfied with their old website, they wanted something that reflected their business and their personality. We worked with our design sidekicks WonderStuffStudio to craft a website from digital trees grown in the processor of an old Atari.

This painstaking attention to detail resulted in what is, plainly put, the finest website we have produced to date. Yes, folks, sometimes even superheroes are impressed by their own handiwork and there’s so much in there to like:

  • Wooden bits!
  • Lovely pictures of their gorgeous furniture and kitchens!
  • Pop-uppy bits!
  • A shop part to sell stuff in!
  • Partially transparent bits!
  • Fully content managed!
  • The first use of scratch and sniff in a website!

Okay we may have been lying about the scratch and sniff but the rest is true. And since launching Trunk have been in touch to let us know they’ve never had so many enquiries. In return they are constructing a 20 foot high robot for us using wood reclaimed from the Newcastle’s High Level Bridge and together we are going to rampage through the streets like some Wicker Man-style nightmare.

See what a Superhighwaymen website can do for you? In all likelihood our websites won’t just change your business, they’ll change your LIFE!

Force this through your ocular receivers –