Apart from being the symbol representing the chemical element Ruthenium (which, of course, you knew). Ru is a great place to eat, drink and generally lounge about in Jesmond.

You know, Jesmond? It’s in Newcastle.

Newcastle? Oh, never mind…

Working with our design chums at WonderStuffStudio we created a whole website within a single page. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it works I swear.

  • Marvel at the ability to subscribe to their mailing list!
  • Goggle at the ability to download their menu in new-fangled PDF form!
  • Feel your heart flutter as you find their location using the maps of Google!
  • Type breathlessly as you get in touch with them via email!
  • Stand awe-struck at the sheer brilliance of the fancy-schmanzy gallery popups we built for them!

And all on on page? How can it be so?

Stop reading this. Go and see their website