Perranporth Pavilion

Perranporth Pavilion is Perranporth’s complete leisure destination in the heart of Cornwall.

Perranporth Pavilion offers everything you need to make the most of Perranporth in one place and as a result required not one, not two but THREE (count them!) websites to be developed. Working with our long-time sidekicks and collaborators Wonder Stuff Studio we help the Pavilion with everything from branding to logos to designs for ice cream tubs and coffee cups.

When it came to the websites the three distinct sites consisted of:

Perranporth Pavilion – the over-arching, single-page site acting as an unofficial landing page to the other two areas.

The Boatshed Restaurant – offering delicious Cornish-inspired food, showcasing all the restaurant has to offer and integrating a booking engine to allow customers to book their table online.

Pavilion Ice – producing luxury, handmade, Cornish ice cream this website not only showcased the customer-facing sunshine and seaside part of the business but also covered wholesale and more businessy aspects too.

Visit the Pavilion site if you wish

Marvel at the Boatshed Restaurant and book a table

Or we can all scream for ICE CREAM. It’s up to you.