Lost the Plot?

An app to destroy writer’s block once and for all? Don’t mind if we do…

The ‘Lost the Plot? Writing Prompts Generator’ had already proven itself in smaller doses in website and ebook form but it has really found its home  as an app proving invaluable inspiration to creative-writerly types the world over.

The premise of the app is simple – press a button and you are given a prompt. Take that prompt and write something from it; a short story, a novel even! We worked closely with the several authors to make this as full of useful features as possible whilst ensuring the main focus would always be the prompts themselves. The additional features include:

  • Copy to prompts directly to your clipboard so you can just open up your word processor, paste and write!
  • Send the prompt as an email (you can save your email address for convenience or send it to a friend if you think they would like it)
  • Add prompts to the database. If 500 prompts aren’t enough you can add your own to your copy or…
  • Send the prompts to us!

Five hundred prompts in the app are great but we suggested to our client that they allow users to submit prompts for inclusion in future updates. Crowd sourcing genius? A genius idea indeed.

You can download the app:

  • For iPhone & iPad
  • From Google Play for Android
  • For Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon

And we’re working on a Windows tablet edition too!

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