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Web Developer Vacancy

That’s right you wonderful people, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – to work for the finest web development company in this hemisphere, or at the very least the North East of England…

Well now is your chance because we are officially looking for:

a Web Developer type person

job01Of course, it’s never quite as straightforward as that. Or maybe it is. Well, let’s kick things off with what is absolutely essential then shall we?

You need to have superhuman abilities in these areas for starters:

  • HTML
    (I mean really, if you don’t know HTML then you shouldn’t even call yourself a web developer…)
  • CSS
    (again, I can’t believe we are actually including this but for the sake of clarity!)
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Javascript (especially jQuery)

Of course you clever, clever thing, you’re multi-talented and we wouldn’t want to expect too little of you. That’s why we’d also love it if you had some experience of the following too:

  • Development for WordPress
    (specifically templates and plugins)
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
    (hell, we don’t really care about Dreamweaver, you can code in notepad if you like)
  • Actionscript 3 in Flash or Flex
  • AIR for Android/iOS
  • Greensock (GSAP)

From our point of view it isn’t essential that you have every quality we’re looking for. As a developer your desire to learn new things will be beating in your chest like a second heart and as a trusty sidekick we’ll impart our skills to you as you develop in your role.

Some of the bits and bobs it would be nice if you had a bit of experience of:

  • Native Android development
  • Native iOS development
  • ASP
  • Making good coffee

job02But I thought you said it was a web developer role?

Well, yes. Yes we did. But, you’ll be thrilled to hear, it’s goes a lot further than that. We’re a small team and as such there are a lot of different types of jobs that we get to work on on a day to day basis. If you are successful in your quest most days the majority of your job will be taken up with developing content managed PHP websites from designs produced by our wonderful designers. You’ll need to slice and dice these up in Photoshop however you see fit then produce the HTML and CSS templates using PHP. We’re increasingly moving towards responsive websites so some experience of media queries would be an advantage.

The types of websites we develop can be hugely varied, from hairdressers in the centre of Newcastle to eCommerce solutions for multi-nationals but whoever the client is you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with them via email and, in all likelihood, telephone.  Good communication skills are essential in superhero work, it avoids confusion and builds relationships with clients.

In addition to websites around half of our business is currently in developing apps predominantly for iOS and for Android. We currently develop using AIR for iOS and Android (nudge, nudge, do your homework).

Our current app clients include:

  • occupational therapists
  • recruitment firms
  • the charity Barnardos
  • a company developing storybook apps for kids

Of course this is expanding on a weekly basis. As a result there is an extremely high likelihood that you will need a grounding in the area of app development (at least if you want to do the funnest stuff!). At present we develop cross-platform but looking forward native developers will undoubtedly be useful so any skills in app development you have will certainly aid you in your quest for this job.

And who exactly are the Superhighwaymen?

That information is classified. Check out the rest of the website to get a flavour for what we do and how we do it. Ask questions if you want. We will probably answer.

You’re all clear, kid. Now let’s blow this thing and go home…

Some general bits and bobs you might like to know…

How do I apply for this fine job?

Send your CV to and mark the email ‘Sidekick Application’. Or just send us your CV. That would be fine too.

What is the salary?

The salary is dependent on your experience but it is both negotiable and competitive. You will not be disappointed.

You are called ‘SuperhighwayMEN’. Does that mean you are looking for a man?

Do Marks & Spencer only employ blokes called Spencer and gentlemen called Mark? Of course not. We are an equal opportunity superhero agency, as long as you don’t object to wearing a mask and a cape then we’re good.

There are men here. There are also women here. We cannot divulge their alter-egos at this time, however, the successful applicant will be introduced to them when they arrive at our secret overground lair.

Is there anything we aren’t looking for?


Not that we have anything against designers, you understand. We think they are wonderful and the reason our work looks so good. It’s just that right now we have plenty of design talent and we need more developer talent.