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Apart from being the symbol representing the chemical element Ruthenium (which, of course, you knew). Ru is a great place to eat, drink and generally lounge about in Jesmond. You know, Jesmond? It’s in Newcastle. Newcastle? Oh, never mind… Working with our design chums at WonderStuffStudio we created a whole website within a single page. […]


Pet Buddy

Pet Buddy offer a helping hand, providing a friendlier alternative to kennels and catteries throughout Newcastle-upon-Tyne and surrounding area. Working without a net we created a brand identity, logo, flyers, clothing and all those non-internet items people still seem so keen to cling to. And then we built the finest website a pet sitter slash […]


Nicola Maxwell Photographic Artist

Nicola Maxwell is a photographic artist and arts educator based in the North East of England. Needing a website to showcase both sides of her work, Nicola wanted something with character.  A website with personality. But also a website that was still professional. Two contradictory ideas? No problem! We took some of Nicola’s hand drawn […]


Coco Joy Boutique

Coco Joy Boutique sells handmade all kinds of jewellery, bridal accessories and does a neat little sideline in monsters too… We worked closely with them to produce this frankly spectacular e-commerce website (if we do say so ourselves).  Coco Joy Boutique now has a thriving online shop that showcases the excellent quality of their products […]


Ed Waugh & Trevor Wood

Collaborating with our friends over at WonderStuffStudio, we developed an identity, content-managed website and HTML Newsletter for two of the North East’s most successful playwrights. From a good brief we developed a very clean and minimal website design that allowed the images of their plays to stand out. Find out what the fuss is about […]